All his life Richard had an interest for all beauty around him. This can be the beauty of the nature, a well designed car or just the beauty of the moment. The interest for photography came naturally in trying to catch the beauty he sees around him on film, although sometimes this beauty is hard to discover. The main challenge it to do the beauty justice on film.
Richard started at high school using a mechanical Pentax MX and some simple lenses mastering the tricks of photography. At the end of His university years he discovered the wonders of digital photography. Two years later digital SLR’s became affordable and he purchaced a Nikon D70. Via this wonder he was able to evolve his photography to what it is today.
Richard is currently working for the European Space Agency to earn his PhD in applied physics. He is a member of the ESA Photoclub where he likes to gather more knowledge on photography. He actually regained an interest using analogue photo equipment (Nikon FM2n) to test and expand use his gained experience, although digital will continue to be his main method. He is also one of the bloggers on the photosite where he shares his interests and knowledge on photography.
His main interest in photography lay in foreign countries, cars and motorcycles, making photo reportages and studiowork with models. On these topics he is trying to expand his knowledge and skills via practice, research and interaction with fellow photographers.